L Sounds: Practice [ Audio>> ]
These L endings all have the tongue up in front of mouth. Press tongue against teeth, and sense position, while saying L’s. Playfully go to extremes with the sounds. Use a sound recorder* to compare your sounds. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
awL, ball, call, fall, hall, mall, tall, wall
eL, bell, cell, fell, hell, jell, sell, tell, well
eeL, feel, keel, kneel, peel, reel, wheel
oL, dole, hole, mole, roll, sole, stole, toll
ooL,cool, fool, pool,school, stool,tool,wool
oiL, boil, broil, coil, foil, oil,soil,spoil,toil
Practice L at beginning/middle of words:
lucky,lazy, lollipop,polish,valid,whirl,world
For R, tongue is in back of mouth as in oR.
Say R words to sense the difference:
Roar, room, core, tour, more, pour, fore, jar
* Free audio recorder is available at:
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Written & recorded 2009, by “El”