People skills include understanding ourselves as well other persons, interacting effectively and developing productive, trustworthy relationships. There are proven ways for building relationships, reducing stress, focusing attention, processing feeings, setting goals and making decisions.

Being human means reaching out and connecting to others. As humans, we do best by using our great set of tools: communications. Successful people use their personal and social communication powers in all kinds of situations. The rapid changes of globalization, connectivity and mobility are requiring advancements in competencies.

People skills help in making new contacts, getting good jobs, dealing with problems and keeping friendships. Here is a systematic collection of helpful practices. Their qualities have been well tested. Self-management modules provide needed practice; interview questions on each page apply the condensed material to your goals. You can copy parts into your action plans.

These “gems” have been shining brilliantly for wise people around the world. The skills have enriched personal, social and professional lives -- and supported survival in hard times. Success is best realized with clear determination and passionate connection. "It's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential," (Barack Obama).

President Obama said: "I'm a big believer in persistence". And we believe in not persisting in the same course and expecting different results! Even the most open person about change in general, can be very conservative about his or her personal habits.

It takes finding agreeable ways to adapt. The art of learning involves review and application. As Samuel Johnson said centuries ago, "People more often need to be reminded than informed".

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