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The more attention that is mobilized for a task -- the better the learning, performing and recalling. Attention will activate your capabilities. Often, there are too many distractions in daily life that get in the way. The following menu is about preparing attention for the most important intentions and actions:
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Focusing Attention on Targets
Reaching any goal is made much more likely when attention is focused fully on a distinct target. If there is a clear target, then reaching it depends on the aiming. A tangible example is archery, where an arrow is aimed to go from the bow to the target. With writing and speaking, the parallel goal is to get the words to their targeted person(s) for understanding or other impact.

There is a saying that “20 % of efforts yield 80 % of effects” Whatever the amount, the concept is about focusing on what counts most. A few factors may make the major difference for results. With an arrow the archer is sighting and aligning a few points of body, bow and target. The archer senses the whole path to the destination, and then aims with the intention to get there.

The destination may be a desired thing, place, relationship or any outcome. In writing or speaking, words are conveyed for their intended meanings to people. In reading or listening, the seen and heard words are targets of meaning to be decoded.

Warning: This is the time for really focusing -- not for self-consciousness analysis. Reviews and de-briefings come later. Attention is needed for the presently activity! As the actions become more unconscious, then the entire pattern can have an automatic fluent quality.

Aiming requires interacting with and adjusting to the situation. Part of the focusing includes taking into account the given conditions. With archery, the distance, wind and equipment have to be considered. Many practice tries may be necessary as ways to sample and test the facts on the ground.  

Lots of interaction enables fuller engagement. The feedback generated allows consideration of relevant actions, emphasis and fine-tuning. For writing, the consideration is the precise words to get closest to the intended message. When the words are not on target, focusing on each reaction provides the real opportunity to change the content.

Human motives set things into motion. It matters whether we really want to hit the bulls-eye, or at least reach that target.  Is another place a more desirable and manageable target?  If the answer is yes, we better make that the new target. 

Motivation brings us back to do more. A wider perspective at times and a future vision beyond the immediate can keep us going.  In the process, we may have to stop distractions.

Obstacles can strengthen success, if our minds are set to focus confidently and persistently. This means a solution focusing without too much tension. Even a bow string is only tense for a little while.

Just as fingers on our hand are joined, Attention, Interaction and Motivation (AIM) work together. Aim well at your targets. Your journey, project or relationship can be measured by finding out whether you are on target or actually going in that direction. For more awareness about your focusing, go to Directing Attention

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