Presenting Yourself Well
You can increase your sense of personal worth by making an imaginary television commercial.  Think of your valuable assets. Select from the whole range of your qualities and competencies. (See brief video).
Write a few remarks with examples about how you would be a good teammate or friend:
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“Good to Grow” One person, of all those who applied these skills, was a counselor who took her own counsel – finally. This counselor saw a position advertised that described her professional aspirations and qualifications. She had already made an imaginary TV ad about her positive qualities that included a scenic background, inspiring music and a stand-up friend smiling.

Confident enough to call the executive-director’s office, she was able to learn who was doing the hiring. Then she called that person until he was available. During a conversation, he told her more job details while she mentioned her matching strengths. The boss said he was overwhelmed with applicants -- and since she sounded competent would include her for interviews.

After the interview, she followed up with a thank you note. And when there were delays due to staff lobbying for a friend, she called with more points about how she could be of extra value. The counselor was employed four years at the agency, until moving to another position where she was able to apply her experience to create a new program.

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