Is your decision major, minor or somewhere in between? If you are unsure, start with "minor". In a complicated world, KISS* as much as possible.When you get to know your decision better, you will have more indications about the decision type -- and helpful support from this full decision-making system.
*Meaning "Keep It Simple Sapien".
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Major Decision?

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Major Decision-Making
We all make decisions every day.  Some decisions are made actively while others are made passively by inaction.  For major purchases, employment, education, and relationships, important decisions can be very challenging. 

In a rapidly changing competitive world, we need to give decisions due consideration without procrastination. Any serious decision made without due process will likely have too many unforeseen, perhaps disastrous, consequences sooner or later.

Successful decisions are largely a result of (1) knowing well the available options, (2) clarifying the various facts and values of each, (3) selecting a preferred direction and (4) using the available resources to go in that direction.  Throughout history, experienced consultants have emphasized systematic components for making and implementing decisions. 

Accumulated experience has verified a few significant components for effectively implementing major choices. In different ways, each component uncovers and deals with pieces of reality. It is the synthesis and co-operation of these components, working in unison, which gives the most powerful effects.

People are more successful because of using systematic methods to realize their goals. Major Decision Structure can help in applying a comprehensive approach to major choices. (See Minor Decision, about the other routine, inconsequential or quick-and-easy decisions that occur all the time.)

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