Reflecting Another's Feelings
1. Listen fully to the person’s feelings.
2. Decide the types of feelings being expressed or implied.
3. Make a comment reflecting the feeling(s) that you are sensing.
Your comment may be more of a question, asking if you are getting the person’s emotion or meaning.
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Stating Your Feelings

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“Good to Grow” A man who had recently been overcoming shyness and practicing these skills reports the following: A friend called me saying that she was sad and upset about her recent boyfriend.  I was aware of wanting to tell her how to fix her problem. Instead, I just empathized.  She seemed relieved to be understood, and wrote: “Wow, my response is amazement. Either your communication classes are teaching you some incredible things, or perhaps, you are a natural born, intuitive communicator.  I don't think I've told you lately - I appreciate [you].  I'm ridiculously glad to know you.  Have a great day!!!”