Smoothing Emotions
Making a decision to calm and steady our emotions is a big step. Other people may not influence our emotions as much as our beliefs -- how we think about other people and situations. Relaxing thoughts, easing tension and slow breathing can smooth emotional flare-ups. What are some beneficial ways of calming your emotions?

Controlling Tension

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One Story
Continued from Checking Stress) The relaxing was naturally reinforced and rewarded by enjoyable feelings. There were many times I don’t know how I would have survived without practicing the relaxation and serenity. I still had an anxious ambitious personality that made for high stress.

At different times, I dealt with painful stomach aches and headaches by applying the techniques. But when the tension shifted to my chest, it became apparent that I had to make wider changes in my work style.

After easing up on my work roles, the extremes of tension decreased. Then, I became aware of lesser tensions previously overshadowed by the larger pains. These included tightness in my neck, shoulders, hands, arms, feet, legs, eyes, mouth and cheeks. I also noticed deeper anxious, over- attentive and angry habits.

Systematically, this whole laundry list was cleaned up as my mental and physical tensions relaxed together. I found that a variety of different sensory methods were valuable to clear my mind, especially to go to sleep. Like many people, I used music and hypnotic recordings.

However, using my own hum, images and words have worked best for me. It has helped in every area from jobs, relationships, and sports to learning, adapting and living in general.” Top

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