Sights and Sounds
There are many serenity enhancing audio-visuals around. You probably have a collection. Inner space audio-visuals, the internal sounds and/or sights, can be reliably used almost anytime. In your inner space, colors can appear after patiently waiting. And your sounds may be a song or hum that you recall. What do you sense inside when relaxing?

Purple Glow & Sound (mp3

Blue-Green Flow & Sound (mp3)

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A Meditation Allegory
A person looks for a home from long ago and searches street after street -- becoming frustrated, desperate and sad from wandering around. Then a beautiful chime can be heard in the distance. The person recalls the familiar wind chime in the old home’s garden and follows the attractive sound to a serene garden sanctuary.

Our home of inner peace can be lost and found -- sometimes in a new way. The allegory is about coming back home to a peaceful inner garden, through sounds when sights and thoughts will not do it. You may remember a tune from childhood, part of a favorite song, the sound of agreeing with someone, or yourself humming when contently doing something.

Taking little vacations or "Time Outs".