Checking Stress
A general sense of furiously having to try to go faster is an indicator. These are common stress signs to check:
Lack of enjoyment
Muscle pains  
Sleep problems
If you have these signs, your body may be signaling an overload. What keeps you from relaxing?

Taking a brief time out does wonders, along with --
Smoothing Emotions

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One Story
A man who tried relaxation methods in his teen years says this: “When I was about 16, I had aching pain in my lower back. My family doctor sent me to a specialist who gave me a shot with a long needle.

When I asked him what it was he said it was a muscle relaxant. That was the first it dawned on me that my back pain was a symptom of tension. I didn’t want to get regular drug injections or take pain medication, so I started exploring alternatives.

Eventually, I found books about self-relaxation: one was called “Autogenics” and had a lot of supportive research studies. I started trying that method and another called “Progressive Relaxation”. Before long, it had positive effects on my back. And I was able to study better.

Later I began “Transcendental Meditation. The meditation was more difficult to apply because my mind wandered, but with practice I became better at getting into a more serene state. After a deep meditation, I was so tranquil that it seemed like I was taking a tranquillizer drug. Continued